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Kitchen Bathroom Door window and home repair replace or remodel
Interstate Glass has worked closely with
contractors and building companies to
ensure that all needs are met for commercial
projects since its beginning. Interstate Glass
has been serving the area since 2009. Since
then, we have had the opportunity to work
for companies in MD & VA with great
feedback and even better track record.

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Kitchen Bathroom Door window and home repair replace or remodel
Home Repair, Remodel, And Rennovation,
all glass needs, siding needs, sunroom and
skylight addition, and much more.

Board ups within 12 hours for broken
windows or doors to keep out weather and

Fix just about any interior/exterior issue
cosmetic or technical.

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Commercial Contracts and Services
Interstate Glass in Fredericksburg, VA provides commercial and residential
window, door, siding, and custom glass/glazing services to Northern Virginia and
all surrounding areas including Richmond, DC, and most parts of MD. Interstate
Glass provides homeowners complete home renovation, home improvement or
home remodeling.

Whether you are trying to reduce energy costs or make changes to the look of your
home, changing your windows, doors, or replacing your siding are cost efficient
ways that pay for themselves. Check out some energy advantages
that customers
have found useful

We also specialize in changing the look of your home by adding sky lights, sun
room, shower enclosure, adding new windows to add more light and glamour, or
just trying to make some updates to older parts of your home. With our
knowledgeable staff of professionals, we provide exactly what your looking for.

Interstate Glass also can provide custom made products for our customers who
wish to have their own look or feel. We have access to provide you with materials
made specifically for your project.
Professional quality work with great prices from a local reputable source.
Kitchen Bathroom Door window and home repair replace or remodel
Make Your Home Become So Much More!
With Interstate Glass, you can make changes to your home and at the same time lower your energy costs; add value
to your home by upgrading windows, doors and adding custom shower enclosures; and, of course, make your home
look brand new . We are a local business that takes pride in going the extra mile with every customer, providing
more than enough information and options for you to make the best decisions for your needs.

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Bay Windows
Custom Carpentry
Custom Cut Mirrors
Custom Windows/Skylights
Internal/External Doors
Patio & Storm Doors
Tub & Shower Enclosures
Vinyl Window Replacement
Vinyl Siding
Water sealing

And so much more.....
There is no job too big or
too small. Check out a few
of the services we provide:
Member of ENERGY STAR®'s Small
Business Network.
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information about making energy
efficient choices on your next purchase.
Residential Services & Home Remodel